[CASE STUDY] Migrate Dropbox Paper & Evernote to Notion


Name: Nadia Armstrong

Role: Digital Business Analyst 

Location: Melbourne, Australia


Nadia needed to move all her data over to Notion from Evernote and Dropbox Paper. 

That was five years of digital note taking in Evernote and Dropbox Paper.

She needed someone who can do that move for her and help her out with setting up the categories in the new wiki [Notion].


Primary goal: Move all documents from Dropbox Paper and Evernote to Notion. Dropbox Paper had 20 folders and 100 documents that needed to be moved to Notion and organised there in a meaningful way. In addition, Evernote notes needed to be moved to Notion too. 

Secondary goal: Organise the workspace for best performance and productivity and create templates for future projects and documents.

Time-frame: 10 hours available

Budget: 335$


  • Design and organise Homepage to serve as a starting point and give good overview.
  • Move complete Dropbox Paper content (20 folders, 100 documents) to Notion.
  • Create root categories and subcategories; link and organise all pages accordingly.
  • Format all documents (pages) manually (format headings, add tables of content, add icons, tables, lists, kanban boards etc.).
  • Create Notion templates (pages, tables, lists) and a ‘How to’ page for future projects and documents.
  • Connect Evernote with Notion and migrate content to Notion where it should be organised to fit the new workspace. 
Illustrations are property of Notion.so [Media Kit]


A new workspace where everything is easily accessible and user friendly is designed and filled with all the content from Dropbox and Evernote.

  • More than 100 new Notion pages were created.
  • Instead of just shoveling all content from one place to the other, each page was manually formatted, categorised and organised to perfectly fit the new workspace. 
  • New templates were created to fit the clients needs for future projects.
  • As a bonus, client will receive 1-on-1 training on how to use Notion.
  • From start to finish all the work was done in one single day, in 10 hours. 

Client Testimonial

I had been wanting a personal Wiki for around 2-3 years when I found out about Notion. I knew I’d never find the time to set it up and migrate my current information, so I looked for someone to help me.

I found Sanja through an online VA portal and her profile explained she loved using Notion so I thought this was ideal for me.

I had around 80-100 pages in Evernote and Dropbox Paper that Sanja not only moved to Notion, but also designed the architecture, navigation and layout of all the pages too – she did this in just 10 hours, which I was so pleased with. After the work was complete, Sanja took me through a Notion training session and review of the page content. 

I also got to see how she uses Notion and I can confirm she is virtually an expert!

Sanja was super proactive and was able to start the contract and finish it by the following day.

I appreciated Sanja’s advice, guidance and direction on how to best set up my Wiki – many VA’s just do what you ask them, but Sanja gave me the consultative support I was looking for! Nadia Armstrong

Thinking about migrating to Notion?

Let’s talk! Drop me an email and I will take it from there.

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