How many developers does it take?

How many developers does it take?

✔️ to optimise administration,
✔️ develop reports and presentations,
✔️ organise meetings and events,
✔️ take care of operations,
✔️ & coordinate from left to right?

None! That’s my job!

Hello! 👋

My name is Sanja and I’m a tech savvy virtual assistant.

I’ll do what you ask and you will call that delegation.
Then I’ll do more and you will call that thinking.

I love technology and I love working with startups and small businesses.

I have a couple of hours of spare time in a week.
Long term cooperation is what I aim for.
It takes a month or two to be able to anticipate your needs even before you get the itch.

There is one message I can’t write for you.
The one you are just sending to me 😊

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