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How many developers does it take?

My name is Sanja and I’m a tech savvy virtual assistant. I love technology and I love working with startups and small businesses.

Can you trust a virtual assistant?

For human beings, trust is something that comes with time and effort. Building trust with virtual assistants works the same way – you need an open mind, some time and effort.

We have an elephant in the room (about remote team spirit)

In 2018., just 2 years ago, only 1.4% Croats ‘usually worked from home’. To work from home ‘usually’ was obviously not that usual at all, but when we change the ‘usually’ with worked from home ‘sometimes’ numbers don’t get much better either. In 2018, according

Values and beliefs come before profit

No matter how small your business is, who you support matters. Values come before profit. During the 6-month cycle that started in Sep 2019, we donated 5% of monthly earnings, each month for a different cause. Donations went to various local non-profits and organisations. By