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Zatvoreno za nove klijente do travnja

Not accepting NEW clients till April

Go2human will not be accepting new clients in the following 2 months, till April 2021. Nothing changes for all my existing clients, we continue to work in the same capacity as before.

How many developers does it take?

My name is Sanja and I’m a tech savvy virtual assistant. I love technology and I love working with startups and small businesses.

Can you trust a virtual assistant?

For human beings, trust is something that comes with time and effort. Building trust with virtual assistants works the same way – you need an open mind, some time and effort.

How I fell in love with Notion

How ’bout these notions, they’re deep as ocean Calling out… It was some 3 or 4 years ago I first discovered Tash Sultana, a young Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and her bedroom recordings posted on Youtube. I stumbled upon it by accident, in one of

LJUDOMAT is changing to Go2human

As a small business, we understand that running your own business or a startup can be quite overwhelming. We understand the importance of having the right support, someone you can trust and rely on. As we grow and change, we change to be your virtual

Working from home during the pandemic

If this feels like too much, it is not because you are working and running a business from home, but because you are currently working and handling life and business during a pandemic. Don’t confuse your current set up with what working from home usually

We have an elephant in the room (about remote team spirit)

In 2018., just 2 years ago, only 1.4% Croats ‘usually worked from home’. To work from home ‘usually’ was obviously not that usual at all, but when we change the ‘usually’ with worked from home ‘sometimes’ numbers don’t get much better either. In 2018, according

Working from home: 8 free tools to get you going

COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries and companies. Some are well prepared; some still need to get on track. Working from home is on the rise as a measure to stop the spread the COVID-19. At Go2human, remote work is the only way we work

Values and beliefs come before profit

No matter how small your business is, who you support matters. Values come before profit. During the 6-month cycle that started in Sep 2019, we donated 5% of monthly earnings, each month for a different cause. Donations went to various local non-profits and organisations. By