Helping Startups and Small Businesses get more things done and grow!


Go2human offers high quality business support and virtual assistance services to small businesses, busy managers, startups, organisations, individuals and all others who are struggling with their to-do lists and a number of tasks and projects they are not able to complete on their own, but have still not come to the point where they want to hire a full-time employee. Sounds familiar? You don’t have to do everything on your own. Delegate your tasks and projects to be able to focus on what’s really important for you! Let Go2human be your virtual right hand in your business.

Is this B2B? Or B2C?

Yes. It is both - it is human2human.

Go2human offers a wide variety of business services & administrative support to businesses, individuals, groups, projects and organisations. Using a combination of technology and skills, Go2human will support you in your business activities and create tailor made solutions to optimize your processes, drive growth, cut cost and save you time. For more details on services offered please refer to the “Services” page or contact us.

Jack of all trades, master of some

Go2human is a Jack of all trades and is proud of it. Having developed a diverse skill set, Go2human offers a broad spectrum of business services that will save you time and money. Go2human can assist you and your business in various fields: administration, human resources, finance, customer service, logistics, marketing and sales. Go2human can help you define, streamline and optimize your processes and procedures. Skilled at negotiating with vendors and suppliers, writing letters, business plans, articles (and even poems when needed!), crunching numbers, managing projects, creating reports and pitch presentations, training and on-boarding new employees, organizing files and travels, scheduling meetings, doing the research and preparing your spreadsheets, Go2human is your right hand when you need one.

Location: Earth (for now)

Thanks to the Internet, Go2human operates worldwide from its base in Split, Croatia. As long as you have Internet access, you can get support from Go2human. Local time zone of Go2human is UTC 1.

Human background - meet Sanja

Go2human is a brand of Ljudomat. The company was founded in summer of 2019 in Split, Croatia by Sanja Veletanlić and is registered under the local business name ‘Ljudomat’. Prior to starting Ljudomat & Go2human, Sanja spent over 15 years working in multinational corporations and local businesses, where she learned a lot about business across different industries (IT, FMCG, medical, food, motorcycles, etc.). Import & export, Customer service & Logistics, Executive Assistant, System analyst, Order manager, Personal assistant to CEO – those were held job titles, but Sanja often ended up doing much more than you could read from these titles.

Full list of past employments is available on Sanja’s LinkedIn profile. You are more than welcome to connect!


  • English
  • German
  • Croatian (native)
  • Slovenian (conversational)

Work style

  • Tech savvy
  • Customer oriented
  • Problem solving mindset
  • Confidentiality and trust are at the core of our business

Why hire Go2human?

  • To save time!
  • To cut cost!
  • To optimize!
  • To get more done!
  • To grow!

Values before profit

Values & beliefs are more than just words and phrases, they come before profit. Check the list of companies Go2human will not work with, because values & beliefs matter.

Go2human will not work with:

  • racist, sexist, homophobic individuals and organisations
  • those selling easy weight loss, incredible hair growth, get rich fast and similar MLM and/or scams
  • any kind of religious institutions or cults, including life gurus selling fast selfhelp
  • political organisation and parties

Tools used

Listed below is just a fraction of tools used to support your business in a most efficient way. Go2human is tech savvy and adopting new tools constantly, therefore the list became outdated the moment it was written. We will gladly work on any platform you prefer to support your business.

  • Collaboration tools
    Trello, Asana, Wrike, Notion, Teamviewer, Slack, G-Suite, …
  • Communication
    Slack, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, …
  • Presentation
    PowerPoint, Slides, Prezi, Piktochart, …
  • Crunching numbers in tables
    Excel, Sheets, …
  • Multimedia
    Canva, Piktochart, Prezi, Lumen5, …
  • Document management
    G-Drive, Dropbox, Alfresco, Confluence, SignRequest, …
    SAP, MS Dynamics Navision, MS Dynamics CRM, …
  • Webinars
    Demio, Zoom, …
  • Other
    SignRequest, LastPass, Homerun (HR), Toggl, Datawrapper…


Trust comes with time and experience. Go2human will gladly sign the NDA agreement.

Registered seat

Go2human is a brand operated by:
LJUDOMAT, obrt za usluge, vl. Sanja Veletanlić

EU VAT Number: HR96547419905 | OIB: 96547419905
Address (Sjedište): Mosećka 50, 21000 Split
Bank account (Žiro račun) (IBAN) HR0924020061140358347
Bank (Račun otvoren u): Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d.

Something not right?

Something is spelled wrong, outdated, not working, incorrect in any way?
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Helping Startups and Small Businesses get more things done and grow!